Maharashtra Board Exam 2016 Tips and Tricks

Maharashtra State Board Exams 2016 Tips, Tricks

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education class 12 and Class 10 exams have started.

Students of Maharashtra Board exams are advised for the following last minute tips and tricks to be followed before the exam starts:

  • Students are advised to read the question paper carefully before starting the MSBSHSE HSC 2016 exam and MSBSHSE SSC 2016 exam.
  • Neat is good - you must write the paper in a neat and clean fashion, as elders have always stated that "cleanliness is next to goldiness", it applies to everything.
  • If you get stuck in any of the questions, it is advisable not to waste time that particular topic, you should move to the next question in series and might prefer to leave a space for it.
  • Stay calm and think positive.
  • A good sleep before an exam is a must so that you feel refreshed.
  • Carry some extra pens and pencil with you, it might be needed in the last of the time.
  • Read the question paper for atleast first 10-15 minutes.
  • Revisioning is must. Do revise your important topics and notes you have made before going for the MSBSHSE HSC 2016 exam and/or MSBSHSE SSC 2016 exam, and check your answers in the last few minutes left during the exam.
  • Before leaving for the Maharashtra HSC Exam 2016 or the Maharashtra SSC Exam 2016, check everything that you require at the examination hall like the admit card. Admit cards are a must to the examination centre for the Maharashtra State Board exams 2016.

Hope students become aware from these points and wish you best of luck for the Maharashtra HSC results 2016 as well as Maharashtra SSC results 2016.